The Land of Paug

Discover whimsy and magic at Weekapaug Inn


Welcome to the Land of Paug, Weekapaug Inn's newest family-friendly activity for children (and adults) young and old. 

Here at the Inn, we have a bustling little community of Paug who love to share our seaside setting. Obtain a map at the front desk to explore the Paug houses nestled in the beautiful landscaping around the Inn. Whenever you find one of the houses, stamp your map. When you've visited all seven houses, return to the front desk and receive a prize!

Explore the Land of Paug

Meet the Paug

Master Bosbe lives in Blueberry Lodge. Bosbe loves blueberries so much that he built his house to resemble one. He is a terrific baker and likes to trade goodies with the other Paug. Our chefs even serve his blueberry pancake recipe at breakfast! 

Alon and Aviva live in the Stump House. They love flowers and spend their days busily tending to the beautiful blooms around the Inn. Alon is also a beekeeper, and much of their diet consists of plants and honey. Alon's name means "oak tree" in Hebrew, so perhaps that's why he lives in a little tree home. Aviva's name means "spring," which explains why she is so happy around flowers, plants and other greenery.

Littleneck is a primitive little fellow who loves clams and shellfish. He lives in a solid stone house that is easily recognizable; Just look for the mound of shells outside his door! Littleneck wades in the shallow waters until he sees the neck of a clam and then grabs it with both hands, wrestling it from the sand. 

Mantodea lives in a house made entirely of grass, located in the thick grasses to the north of Weekapaug Inn's boat dock. She is the only Paug who has wings and can fly. Mantodea is elusive and seems to have stronger powers than the others, so we don't see her very often. Our belief is that Montodia is a cross between a grass fairy and a preying mantis. If you look closely at her house, you may see an egg or some of her babies!

These are just a few of the Paug living around the Inn ready for you to discover! Have you seen something magical in the Land of Paug? Share your discoveries with us, and we'll pin your note or drawing to the Paug sighting bulletin board located at the Weekapaug Inn Boathouse.